eat and smile catering | editorial shoot

A few months ago I had the honor of photographing Katie Rotramel of DC’s Eat & Smile Catering! Head on over to the DC Ladies to read their interview with her and see the feature!

Here are a few of my favorites from our editorial shoot…

los angeles editorial photographer photo

los angeles editorial photography

los angeles editorial photographer photo

nyc editorial photographer photo

los angeles editorial photographer photo

los angeles editorial photographer photo

la food photography photo

new york city editorial photographer photo

la food photography

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madita & sander | rooftop wedding inspiration

madita and sander met when they studied in amsterdam together. they had known each other for years! when madita moved to berlin for a job, sander moved there shortly afterward and they have been together ever since! (and who DOESN’T want a guy who would move to a different country for her?) they both are studying for master’s degrees in the US: sander in new york and madita in dc. sander visits madita in dc often, and we were so fortunate to be able to plan the shoot while he was there! they are such a fun couple and i loved shooting them! they both have such a great sense of style! we had our shoot at sunrise on the rooftop. the golden glow in madita’s hair is just gorgeous!

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0008


rooftop wedding photographer photo

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0010 rooftop wedding photographer photo_0019 rooftop wedding photographer photo_0030


rooftop wedding photographer photo_0034 rooftop wedding photographer photo_0036

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0028

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0032

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0029

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0037

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0026

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0025

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0027

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0031

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0044

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0043

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0042

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0041

rooftop wedding photographer photo_0040


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ebonee | a downtown portrait session

i was SO EXCITED to hear from ebonee a few months ago when she first reached out to me about planning a shoot. ebonee and i went to college together at USC, and hadn’t seen each other in some time so it was really great reconnecting! ebonee is a writer, speaker, and all around amazing woman who is on a mission to dispel the myth of the “superwoman.” especially with social media, it’s easy to feel like all eyes are on you all the time, and we place unreasonable expectations on ourselves do to everything. everything everything everything. (oh wait– is that just me? ;).) all the stress those beliefs bring is unnecessary. ebonee truly has a gift and a message to share! we planned for the shoot to be focused on this particular theme of her overaching message.

ebonee, i am so so very excited for you and i can’t wait ’til your book comes out! <3

if you’d like to #hangupthecape and learn more about ebonee, you can find her over at

downtown headshot session photo_0001

downtown headshot session photo_0002

downtown headshot session photo_0003

downtown headshot session photo_0004

downtown headshot session photo_0000


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saying yes

IMG_0461_downtown los angeles travel photo
“Just think of all the things we had to say yes to in order to be here,” my new photographer friend said.
“And all the things we said no to,” another chimed in.
My new friends had a point: that exact moment was the sum of a series of choices we each had made– to leave the Navy, to walk away from graduate programs, to leave people, places, and situations that weren’t right for us in pursuit of something greater. The decision we made that evening to leave our homes and potentially brave traffic in order to get to Hollywood and take a chance to learn something new from a fellow photographer and meet new friends.

The decision to say ‘yes’ to ourselves.

I took a sip of my lemonade and leaned in.

“i hope you find a way
to be yourself someday
in weakness or in strength
change can be amazing.
so i pray for the best
i pray for the best for you.”

- the nhbd

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it’s summer

a time of the year that’s filled with light.

since coming back to los angeles, i found myself wanting more dimension to my hair, so i decided to lighten it! i did some research on hair dye that would be the least damaging to my squiggly hair, and i ended up going with a box of the naturtint brand.  so, friday night i say in my room and attempted to do an ombre… it worked better on one side than on the other, haha! at first i was considering lightening my ends a bit more, but i’m happy with how it turned out! in getting used to the change, i’ve found it looks blonder in some light, and darker in other light–it also depends on how wet or dry my hair is. it’s been three (?) years since i colored my hair last (pre-going natural/my big chop). the last time i got highlights (you know that look with the kinda chunky thick highlights that was really popular a while ago?) and this time i wanted something a little different. i still highlighted some strands, but most of the dye was concentrated on the bottom third of my curls. & here’s how it came out!!

(p.s. to all you curly haired girls out there ;)…these images were taken when my hair was dry/stretched. also, i just discovered that the right amount of raw, unrefined shea butter & this new gel i started using can add weight to my curls. the right amount of weight = curl definition!! it looked super cool and i’m so excited to have found a new way of styling my hair! i haven’t photographed myself with that style but i’m sure it’ll turn up in a photo at some point. ;))

la glamour boudoir photographer photo

los angeles headshot photographer photo

photography by paulina los angeles headshot photo

boudoir bokeh photo

los angeles modern headshot photo


photography by paulina los angeles modern headshot photo

los angeles modern headshot photo

los angeles modern headshot  hoto

los angeles modern headshot photo

& some outdoors in the desert that is southern california ;) <3.

natural hair ombre photo

desert portrait photo

ombre natural hair photo

los angeles desert portrait photo

los angeles modern headshot photo

ombre natural hair photo

natural ombre hair photo

natural ombre hair photo

la portrait photographer photo

los angeles modern headshot  photo

los angeles modern headshot photo

desert fine art editorial portrait photo


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